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Combat de deux Raffinés In Un autre monde; transformations, visions, incarnations … et autres choses

J.J. Grandville
Paris; H. Fournier
Baudelaire Collection, Vanderbilt University Special Collections

The travelers observe conflicts in these new worlds, satires and parodies of recent French history.

Combat de deux Raffinés shows that even the vegetables are in conflict, with the battle cry, “To arms, cornichons!” “Roses, carnations, jasmines, leave your lovers, take off your party clothes for combat armor, if you wish that humans cease making essences and cosmetics from your blood. And you, vegetables, industrious people, will you suffer to have your young uprooted at a tender age to be devoured as appetizers? Mushrooms, distill a mortal poison!” But politics divides the revolutionaries, and a civil war begins with a fist fight between the sugar cane and the beet, with the dispute ended by the intervention of the carrot.