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Chicago Tribune Wednesday, May 1, 1974

Jim Squires, Clayton Kirkpatrick
Chicago Tribune
May 1, 1974
Jim Squires Collection
Vanderbilt University Special Collections

In this section of the Chicago Tribune, the paper continues its multi-faceted coverage of the Watergate scandal, culminating in a feature entitled, “The Watergate Conversations.” This particular issue included a transcript index and a record of each speaker recorded on the tapes. The front page of the issue read in bold letters, “Nixon’s Watergate Story,” and included a section called “How we got the transcripts.” This section reveals the concerted effort that it took to release the transcripts, pooling the efforts of two dozen editors and numerous artists, engravers, and printers. “The effort was one of the largest short-deadline efforts in Tribune history, comparable to the newspaper’s publication of the Versailles Treaty in 1919 and the Yalta Papers in 1955,” said the author.