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Jim Squires

Journalist and editor Jim Squires (b. 1943-present) left a lasting impression at the Chicago Tribune, leaving it as one of the most respected American newspapers. Squires joined the Tribune in 1972 as a national reporter in Washington D.C. where worked as a reporter until 1981, when became the editor. During his time at the paper, Squires tackled several pivotal political issues— most notably, his coverage of the Watergate Scandal. Under his fearless leadership, the Tribune became the first newspaper to publish the complete transcription of the Nixon tapes, revealing crimes and misdeeds of the Nixon Administration. As Squires himself said of Nixon after the publication of the tapes, the Chicago Tribune is the paper “that truly did him in.” Thanks to the leadership of Jim Squires, the Chicago Tribune contributed in exposing the crimes of the Nixon administration to the general public, and thereby enforced the role of journalism as an institution that can shine light on issues and injustice that ultimately serves to maintain integrity in our society.