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Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901
London: G. Rutledge
Nettie Hale Rand Collection of Fine Bindings and Printing, NC1115 .G63 1883-1887, Vanderbilt University Special Collections

Illustrators have been enthralled by miniature books for centuries. Miniatures, books of less than three inches, were created as travel mementos, souvenir trinkets and other oddities.  The earliest miniature almanacs were produced in Trent in 1475. In England, the London Company of Stationers controlled the miniature almanac industry for 200 years. Miniature almanacs such as these by Kate Greenaway featuring illustrations of bonneted children alongside calendars for each month of the year were very popular at the turn of the century, leading publishers such as George Routledge into the growing field.