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The Farmers’ Almanac, for the Year of our Lord 1832

Cincinnati: Phillips & Speer
Sevier Collection, AY81 .F3 F24 1832, Vanderbilt University Special Collections

This pocket book is a farmer’s cheat sheet, featuring all one needs to know about farms and fields, worms and poisonous snakes (and how to treat them), as well as information on medical treatments. Burr’s almanac was printed in Cincinnati and contains information specific to that area. As early as the 16th century, almanacs were found to include the image seen here of zodiac man, showing when to perform surgery as determined by one’s zodiac sign and the phase of the moon. Planting and harvest dates were also associated with zodiac man; farmers connected zodiac man’s body parts with the zodiacal seasons, telling them, for example, to cut weeds in the time of the heart, associated with Leo, July 22-August 22, as they would wilt and die.