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[Brass Door Knob from Holland McTyeire’s Campus Residence]

Brass Door Knob from Holland McTyeire’s Campus Residence]
Vanderbilt University Special Collections

This brass casted door knob once adorned a door in the original campus residence of Holland McTyeire. Prominently featured is a beautifully engraved train suggesting that this was furnished by the Vanderbilts as a lavish gift. The Commodore greatly respected McTyeire and wanted to support him by ensuring that the bishop had comfortable and luxurious living conditions. 

The residence no longer exists on campus, and it is likely that the knob was taken along with the door as a way to preserve the history of this important building. McTyeire may have turned the knob on a daily basis, so it also serves as a tangible connection to the founder of this university.