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[Procuring University Grounds]

Vanderbilt University SpecialCollections

This is a letter written by Holland McTyeire and sent to Cornelius Vanderbilt in May of 1873. It reports the purchase of the original grounds for the university and itemizes the costs. Interesting to note is that it mentions that the city council of Nashville had offered to try to subsidize the cost of the land, but McTyeire turned this down as it could “provoke strife” in the community. 

The document is remarkable as it exemplifies the tremendous work ethic and involvement of Holland McTyeire in realizing his dream. It also shows his dedication to maintaining detailed communication with his benefactor, Cornelius Vanderbilt.


[Procuring University Grounds] – McTyeire_Letter-May_21_1873-02


[Procuring University Grounds] – McTyeire_Letter-May_21_1873-03