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The Cadet: A Monthly Magazine Published at the University of Nashville (vol 2) 1872

The Cadet Volume 1
Vanderbilt University Special Collections
“The Cadet” was a student-run monthly magazine that was published with the objective to “encourage a love for literature; to instruct, to interest, and to amuse College students and readers in general.” Students at the University of Nashville could subscribe to the magazine for 10 months for a one-time price of $2.50, or buy single copies for $0.25. The editors of “The Cadet” embraced structure and organization to be able to produce numerous issues. This article on plagiarism shows how many students at the University of Nashville embraced and even internalized certain rules. The writer of the article expressed this by stating that “The plagiarist is a man who ought to be despised and scouted at by all those who are actuated by principles of manly honor.”