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La Habana expuesta: antología bilingüe

La Habana expuesta: antología bilingüe
Nancy Morejón
Matanzas, Cuba: Ediciones Vigía
Vanderbilt University Special Collections

This charming book reflects a frequent collaboration between longtime poet-contributor to Vigía, Nancy Morejón and Vigía’s artist co-founder, Rolando Estévez Jordan. Yemayá is the ocean goddess in Santería, an Afro-Caribbean religion rooted in Yoruba religious practices brought to Cuba by enslaved Africans. As “Mother of the waters” Yemayá is often depicted as a mermaid. The cross she carries reflects the syncretization of Santería with Christianity.

The book uses several traditional repurposed materials emblematic of Vigía: corrugated cardboard, butcher paper, paper cutouts, and checked fabrics of red and blue.