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Bitch Magazine

Bitch Magazine cover
Bitch Publications
Everett Long, Sevier Collection

Bitch Magazine is a prominent feminist publication that started selling out of a car trunk in 1996 in San Francisco. It is now an award-winning media company that applies feminist theory to pop culture. The cover of this specific issue invites the viewer to reflect upon how thoroughly scrutinized the female body is, and the reactions that these judgments create in women. The character in the image is at a crossroads. “Should these hands wear oven mittens? Should these nails have nail polish? Can my navel have a piercing? Should these breasts be underneath a bra? Should these thighs be up for sale?” The decision, ultimately, as highlighted by the word “Bitch” and the more hidden phrase “made for yo mama”, is hers alone, but Bitch Magazine seeks to provide some guidance.