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[Ernest Goodpasture Inoculating Chicken Embryos with Viruses]

[Ernest Goodpasture Inoculating Chicken Embryos]
circa 1955
Ernest W. Goodpasture Biographical File, History of Medicine Collection, Vanderbilt University

Photograph, reproduction, circa 1955 
Ernest W. Goodpasture Biographical File
History of Medicine Collections

Dr. Ernest Goodpasture, along with other faculty and staff in his laboratory, discovered the first practical method for developing uncontaminated viruses in chick embryos. This research, which Dr. Goodpasture and his team began in the 1930s and carried on for decades, made possible the mass production of vaccines. Dr. Goodpasture was chair of the Vanderbilt Department of Pathology from 1925-155 and dean of the School of Medicine from 1945-1950.