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Identity and Diaspora

It is no surprise that identity and diaspora are common themes in Vigía’s publications. Nancy Morejón, Afro-Cuban poet, is a frequent contributor to Vigía. She regularly addresses themes of identity and race. She argues for a new Cuban identity, merging Spanish and African cultures. Her work on Ana Mendieta is a piercing account of Mendieta's attempts to deal with diaspora and identity. Sent to the United States at a young age during Operation Peter Pan, Mendieta constantly grappled with issues of identity, displacement and belonging through her work as a performance artist, sculptor, and filmmaker, focusing on body art. She died tragically at a young age. Ediciones Vigía has helped to create a Cuban identity through their selections of literature and traditions of the past. This, combined with their designs, interpretations, symbols and images, has contributed to the construction of contemporary Cuban identity.