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Ritual de sobrevida

Ritual de sobrevida
Natalia Bolívar Aróstegui
Matanzas, Cuba: Ediciones Vigía
Vanderbilt University Special Collections

In Cuba, the Virgin of Charity or Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre is venerated as their nation’s patroness and holds the additional title of “Virgin for Cuban Independence.” For Afro-Cubans who practice Santeria she is syncretized with the orisha Ochún. Does the image refer to the ritual crowning of the Virgin Mary, a Catholic ritual that often takes place in May, hence the expression Queen of May?

This handmade book is decorated with cotton wool and a sun and moon are added on the back. Behind the moon is a crown, decorated with a cross and a silver oval. The front sides depict a snake and the Vigía lamp, held by a hand that peeks out from behind the right cover.